Have you,you know why that “Date” glasses?Originally the word “Date” is said to be deriv

2012SS,in the glasses industry,the revival of the “round glasses” has been whispered so as to follow such a popular Wellington.John? Lennon and Steve? Person with a distinctive personality,such as Jobs has had to wear,I that round glasses is gradually increasing its presence.You mentioned in the second half of the recommended series,also in the same round glasses category,frame there is a three-dimensional appearance,with strong texture and gloss has become a trend,it will say that seems to “now”.By the way,clothes trend also,70s? Elegant,sporty texture,such as reminiscent of the ’80s,it stands out a little loose silhouette,even such as color and print.If arbitrarily summarized in one word,what a place called “Choi loose luxury”.A little retro “round glasses” also,it are you in conjunction with the clothes of the trend!Well,this time 2012SS of Paris,from Milan? Collection,I would like to introduce the “round glasses” × “Choi loose luxury” of coordination in the photo!Recommended Glasses 1First,

Pas Cher Chaussure Nikefrom Marc Jacobs (Marc Jacobs),clean perfectly round form of the sunglasses.2012 version of the round glasses,not only thin frame,it is the three-dimensional form features that utilize the texture of tortoiseshell.It colors,have combined in beige,which is one of this season’s trend color?.Here also Marc Jacobs (Marc Jacobs).When the frame in black,it will feel cool in the jerk and intellectual.Speaking of texture,Maison Martin Margiela (Maison Martin Margiela).Frame having a three-dimensional appearance and gloss.If you got bored in the black edge or brown,what about Nante red? ! Combined with the black jacket,it will result in a firm impression.Here,if individualistic luxury forte,Trussardi (Trussardi).Navy trend this season item? To match the double jacket,sunglasses of blue.You can certainly differentiate.Finally,DSQUARED2 (Dsquared).Black × clear of the round frame.Sport? And casual clothes,black × clear frame it will not match! ↓ Tsetse x Echizen country blockhead work TCL003-7 how might it be? ! Together with colorful 2012SS trend,and glasses also try to various challenges,it might be fun?! Brand and from here,so you can find out of a number of types such as frames,please try by all means looking for! Original? Movie that there is tremendous popular from 2006 to Disney? Is broadcast on channel teenagers twenties “High School? Musical”.Who in series of also became musical movie to know Zack that play popular person of the protagonist Troy in “High School? Musical”? Is Efron (Zac Efron).

Beat Speaker DockAnd he is a refreshing basketball boy in the movie,but,such as a cell is 8kg increased to for the movie “The Lucky One” in the role-making,it is not tied eyes more and more change even as an actor.Energetic Zach private to enjoy the sport in? Efron (Zac Efron) also has My Oakley (Oakley)! The Zach appeared on the beach for surfing? Efron (Zac Efron) is wearing is of Oakley (Oakley) Frogskins (frog skin).I chose the color of dark brown to match the hair color,after all protagonists together with the bright red wet suit.Here also outdoor of Zach? Efron (Zac Efron).Now lens color of yellow has conspicuous in Oakley (Oakley) Holbrook (Holbrook) in modest T-shirt.It ‘s to the determined fashionable for everyday use in simple is the feature of this model I’m sporty.Korezo simple style sunglasses stand out.Here I think you want to chose still cool sunglasses.This model of Dispatch (dispatch) of where Zach? Efron (Zac Efron) is chosen for the Oakley (Oakley).

nike flyknit lunar multi color This catching design only,not even eye shape large,looks better in a simple and casual fashion.Also it is cool silver necklace that glimpse.Among the Frogskins of Oakley (Oakley) (frog skin) has become mainstream in the celebrity as everyday use of fashionable sunglasses,Zach? Efron (Zac Efron),such as Holbrook (Holbrook) and Dispatch (Dispatch) situations and Fashion sunglasses wish that suits are good feelings!?The last of the world of celebrity x Oakley (Oakley) series of articles See also to match! Have you,you know why that “Date” glasses?Originally the word “Date” is said to be derived from the “standing” of the “stand out”.So short,have a meaning,such as “things to the flashy action,such as eye-catching of other people” or “stands out be a glamorous appearance in the act”,the purpose of vision correction such as nearsightedness and astigmatism and does not,I such that glasses to hang in the hope that changes in appearance.Because so far of glasses it had been used only for vision correction,as the image of that “serious and intellectual” is I think or not than was common.On the other hand,may feel a number of negative factors that you wear glasses,there were many people that love and because of that the expensive contact lenses.However,in recent years,the same as the image is Gara~tsu due to the influence of celebrities on television,I think so that the image of the most effective and casual items have been established gradually in the makeover.
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