Currently in use that have been AF lens camera (auto focus camera with interchangeable lenses)

As fish clear water is captured,for example,by using a polarizer,it is possible to reduce reflection surface.When you shoot such a scene,there is a tendency that the projection angle of the light source and the camera of the camera angle is consistent,need the maximum deflection angle between 30? 40 degrees.When you turn the front lens group to slowly adjust,you can use the time to filter through efforts to the reflecting surface in order to minimize the scene.Further,the polarizing plate,a polarizer as image capture is more pure,since it is possible to absorb the stray light reflected in different directions and dusts or mists in the air,improve the contrast,color saturation It can be improved.For example,in many cases,in order to photograph the colorful pictures,and using a polarizing microscope to take still pictures,flower photo.In landscape photography,and useful flower photos,and when photographing a specific relatively strong reflection landscape.landscape drawn to the excellent result,a polarizing plate is used when shooting a cloud.Light blue sky and white clouds refractive index of,is much larger than the scattered light.Polarizer also,you can green of the leaves to use a more elimination of saturated colors and low angle city scene shade fog.2 composition And a polarizing plate body,into two parts by the lens and the lattice consisting of microcrystalline glass attached,the seat back frame to rotate the lens body it.When rotated,the person who is not a grid polarizer likely,it will be polarized parallel to the line that was blocked.
Adidas Springblade Thus,control,a polarizer for selecting the parallel light reflected record number (this is the light that was reflected polarized).This is the polarizing plate can be removed or reduce the non-metallic surface reflection of the truth.However,it was bluish most polarizing microscope a little.To stop while shooting in vibration,it will be the polarization direction of the same portion of the non-polarized light.To avoid color screen,a plurality of files in order to increase the exposure is generally too dull.Classification By usingSki gogglesFishing mirrorPolarization drive mirrorOutdoor Sports mirrorGolf GlassesMaterialGlassResin materialTAC lens materialAccording to the principle point,Circularly polarized light microscope (below CPL)Linear polarizer of (referred to as LPL)LPL is mainly used in the old-fashioned manual focus camera.Add a layer of 1/4 wavelength of the film,after,this film is CPL display have special properties,in one direction (eg,x) while its vertical,/ 2 phase shift π polarization of the electric vector You can generate the electric vector direction (assuming y) it has no effect.This,through the bisector quarter-wave plate which can be polarized along the x and y directions,

Jordan Retro then the emitted light,two perpendicular polarization phase difference of the polarization direction in the synthesis of light It is a π / 2 a bunch,that is,so-called circularly polarized light.This design,modern autofocus,automatic exposure camera,is more appropriate.Currently in use that have been AF lens camera (auto focus camera with interchangeable lenses),will be used as a polarization CPL.In some lighting conditions,the linear polarizer,the machine measured optical element for metering,it is possible to mislead DC,most autofocus camera uses a circularly polarizing plate.By colorPink and scarlet: Under the glare of the case,that it is possible to improve the contrast and sharpness are very suitable for water sports and snow events,it is very strong.Brown or brown: so you can increase the contrast of colors,selection of the lens during operation.Amber,yellow or orange: a cloudy day is very fit to wear,but you can have a very clear vision,it is not suitable for use under strong sunlight.Gray or dark green: Depending on the material to retain the original natural color,it is a good choice.4 FeaturesPolarizing lens,

New Balance Shoes to avoid filtering glare many interference irregular light,glare and other phenomena,if the lens itself can not form a curved arc standard refraction state of light,attenuate the polarization effect It can,but it is bad to affect the credibility and durability of the image.Market in general polarized sunglasses we can have polarized the sandwich Say fiber.This causes the soft of future instability,optical glass polarized sunglasses of the curved arc is different,lens assembly of the frame,the lens,the optical refractive standard,loose video,it is difficult to achieve the deformation.Since the curved arc of instability,and the resulting deformation of the lens,it is that bad transmitted image and transparency,is a direct result of the distortion of the image,you can not reproduce the effects of normal visible light.Surface scratches,is easy to wear.There is no durability.Polarized lenses,thin synthetic resin material of the multi-layer is pressed.Each layer will have a different effect.The middle layer of the polarizing layer,principle is the shutter for stray light to filter the reflected light.Second,it filters the 99.9% of the three harmful UV rays,the intensity of light,functions,and can reduce the difference between ordinary sunglasses.
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